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Fargo’s first and only Fresh Seafood Market. We’re a family owned business dedicated to bringing the best selection of quality seafood to area seafood lovers! With vendors on all three coasts, we source the best seafood available and bring in fish varieties you won’t find anywhere else.


Today’s Catch 7/21

Atlantic Salmon – 14.99/lb

Sockeye Salmon Fillet – 20.49/lb

Yellowtail Snapper Whole – 12.99/lb

Barramundi Fillet – 16.99/lb

Swordfish – 16.99/lb

Halibut – 23.99/lb

Mahi Mahi – 16.99/lb

Fresh Scallops – 25.99/lb

Gulf Shrimp – 16.75/lb

Oysters Live – 1.80/each

Crabmeat Claw – 19.99/lb

Crabmeat Backfin – 25.99/lb

Smoked Salmon – 12.99/lb

Smoked Trout – 8.49/lb

Smoked Herring – 6.49/lb

Smoked Whitefish – 10.49/lb

Fresh Market

Deep Blue Seafood is your source for the freshest seafood in the FM area. We receive fresh product 3-4 times each week to provide you with a selection of the best seafood available! Need something fast for dinner? Try our cook at home meal kits.

Seafood Tailored To You

Let us create custom platters of your favorite seafoods to make your entertaining a breeze. We start from scratch, cook and prepare the seafood in house and present it so that it’s as attractive as it is delicious.

Deli & Ready To Eat

Treat yourself to a variety of scratch made dips, salads and sauces. We offer our popular house made sauces. You can also choose from favorites like our smoked salmon dip and kickin krab dip. We also carry a variety of smoked fish.


So fresh you’ll swear you can smell the ocean. We bring in a variety of fresh oysters, clams and mussels for your enjoyment. 


Tues-Sat: 10am - 6pm

Sun-Mon: Closed

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